Here, you can set up a site-wide policy for user passwords. Any new password created will need to conform to the policy.

Minimum Password Length: This is the minimum amount of characters a password should have

Maximum Consecutive Characters: How many of the same characters can be in a password. Eg. ppp@ss

Maximum Password Age (in days): After how many days should the password expire. If set to 7, this would mean every 7 days the user is required to set a new password.

Enforce Password History: Should this have a value (10 for example), when a user creates a new password, the last 10 passwords should not be the same.

Requires Uppercase: Should the password contain a minimum of one uppercase character/letter.

Require Lowercase: Should the password contain a minimum of one lowercase character/letter.

Requires Number: Should the password contain one numeric character.

Requires Special Character: Should the password contain a special character such as !@#$%()&.,