Ideas / Projects are driven by Stages and Workflows assigned to their definition.

Stages can be defined on Administration -> Idea Stages or Project Stages.

Idea Stages are only Four (Evaluating, Implementing, Cash Flowing and Locked In), however, Project Stages can be customized to a clients requirements.

These stages can then be linked to an Idea/Project definition Stages and Workflows.

1. Once a Stage has been created, it is then mapped to an Idea/Project definition.

2. Click the highlighted above, to Add a Stage to an Idea/Project definition. That will be assigned to a Project or Idea during creation.

3. After selecting the Stage above, you can then select the Areas that will be visible when the Idea/Project has moved into the Stage.

4. After the Stage has been linked to the definition, a Workflow will need to be defined, when completed, will progress the Idea/Project to the defined Stage.

5. View Workflows created to the definition and also be to able to Add a new Workflow. 

6. Click Add to define a new Workflow that will use the Stage captured on the Idea/Project definition Stages (Number 3) above.

7. After the Stage has been created and linked to Definition, then an Idea/Project can be moved to the stage when the relevant workflow has been Submitted and Approved by all relevant Stakeholders


Most importantly, ensure that all changes made are saved.