During Service Hours, PiPware Solutions will respond to each Service Call (Respond) within the applicable period set out in the table below. This is response time and not a Resolution or Restore time.

PiPware Solutions will use its reasonable endeavours to respond to and resolve Service Calls in accordance with the Service Levels set out below.


2 days
2 days
1 week
4 hours
2 days
1 hour
4 hours


Urgent – Blocker

  • PiPware is down and unavailable
  • The URL for PiPware is inaccessible
  • Mission-critical data associated with PiPware is at significant risk of loss or corruption

High – Critical

  • PiPware is operational but highly degraded performance to the point of major impact on usage
  • Important features of the PiPware offering are unavailable with no acceptable workaround

Medium – Major

  • Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of PiPware 
  • Impaired operations of some components, but allows the user to continue using PiPware 
  • Customer can reasonably work around such inconsistencies or impairments

Low – Enquiries, Analysis, Training, Enhancements and New Features

  • Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue
  • Information requested on PiPware capabilities/navigation
  • Installation or configuration
  • Any request for enhancement or additional functionality
  • Includes “how-to” questions and issues impacting individual users