An Idea status can be updated by doing the following, also note you are required to have the Idea Edit permission.

This status can also be updated by completing the Relevant workflows and the status will update as specified.

In the example above once, the workflow has been submitted and approved the Idea status will be updated to approved.

Idea statuses are as follows:

  • Evaluation
    • When an Idea is created or when copied from an existing Idea.
  • Implementing
    • When the implementation checklist has been submitted and approved.
  • Cash Flowing
    • When the Cash Flowing checklist has been submitted and approved.
  • Locked In
    • When the Locked In checklist has been submitted and approved.
  • Completed
    • When the Idea has passed its Locked In status and benefits are no longer required, however, required to stay in the system.
  • Active
    • An idea is normally marked Active when the Idea Form checklist has been submitted and approved.
  • On Hold
    • An idea will not produce any benefits, an idea is in this status when a few details are still being finalized.
  • Cancelled
    • An idea is cancelled when it is no longer needed on the system, as a result, will not impact any reporting in the system as it will not produce any benefit.
  • Archived.
    • An Idea is archived for record purposes, note only an Idea Admin can make changes to Archived Ideas.

Further note that this will determine where the value of the Idea will be displayed under on the current pipeline.