The chart displays the following information:

  • The captured From value is treated as a baseline and the To value as a Target.
  • The system displays Three Month averages for all the months being tracked.
  • The Actuals are subjected to the specified Measurement Type.

The Idea KPI tracking chart displays the data from the specified Tracking Start Date or when no date is specified the system will default to the Implementing Target or Revised Date if specified.

Please note all values specified are subject to the Measurement Type assigned to the KPI on the edit screen. i.e. 

If the assigned Measurement Type is set to Cumulative MTD, so it will calculate what the value for the full month is if the date is not at the end of the month. Since the date was set to 25 Jan, it calculated the daily value as 0.6492 (16.23 /  25 days). To calculate the value for the full month it multiplies the number of days in the month by the daily rate, i.e. 0.6492 * 31. This results in 20.1252 (or 20.13 rounded up).

The same applies to other Measurement Types.