To diagnose and resolve this issue the following will need to be confirmed?

e.g. If you try to Submit a Workflow for Approval and the following is displayed(No approvers found).,  you will need to confirm if the workflow on the Idea Definition has stakeholder roles defined that will need to Approve it.


To resolve, you will need to navigate to the Workflow in question, i.e. Administration -> Idea Definitions -> Click on the definition assigned to the Idea. (Also this is an Administrator functionality) then Click on Workflows highlighted below.

Then to access the Workflow configuration, you will need to click on the Item in question(i.e. Development and Safety workflow) in question, and the following will be displayed:

 You will then be required to Add the Role(s), for the individual(s) who needs to approve the Workflow. By clicking the add button i.e. Added Administrator role, and ensured that I also add the role to the Idea Stakeholder section.

Added the Role on the Idea Stakeholders Sections and assigned the person who needs to approve for the Role:

After all the above steps have been completed, when you Submit the workflow again you will now get the following message (After Assigning the approver)

With all the above steps completed the person assigned to the Role, should approval request for the workflow via email.