When creating a new RAR you are provided with options to automatically add Actions that are assigned to you, as per the image below:

Please note the only Action(s) that will be added to the new RAR are those that satisfy the following criteria:

  • The Action(s) must belong to the Reviewee
  • Actions that were marked as completed via the Dashboard, will be displayed as completed last actions.
  • And the Action(s) Start Date is less than the next RAR period. This date is calculated using the current review date, and then adding 6 days: 7 days less 1 day so that the date is the day before the next RAR.

    i.e. On the above, the only Action(s) that will be included on the new RAR are those with a start date less than or equal to 2019/01/01. In this case, the users RAR frequency is 7 days. 

The date functionality can be overridden by a site-wide Setting called Add All Actions, located on Administration > Settings. When activated it disregards the date of the Action(s), this means all actions will be mapped/added to the Current RAR.