Please note PiPware has three basic data/information access control, as displayed above.
  • Global - Meaning the data will be available to every user on the system.
  • Default and Confidential, which is explained more in detail by the following example.

I.e. if an Idea or KPI has the access level set to default or confidential, only the following users will have access.
  • Idea Owner
  • Facilitator
  • Stakeholder(s)
  • All Users added Under the Access section of the Idea or KPI as displayed above.
  • Also, note access can be granted to a specific Role(s) and users assigned the role will have access to the information as displayed above.

Further note, users with Idea or KPI Scope set to Super User will also be able to see all Ideas or KPIs respectively in the system including data marked as confidential.

Also, note that Actions also follow the same Access check.

  • i.e. Actions marked as Confidential will be available to the Originator, Owner and users with Actions Scope set to Super User, the check is also applied on the Outstanding Actions Report.