The values displayed on the left of the Chart are calculated as follows:

Status colour.

Performance Values are calculated based on the specified performance period in conjunction with the Measurement Type and Report Date specified, also taking into account the display factor for the assigned unit of measure.

Target and Actual

  • This will be the Target and Actual value calculated using the specified measurement type (i.e. Cumulative Daily Values), Performance Period(Current Month - KG) and Date (09/04/2019) highlighted Red above.
    • Since the above performance is set to the current month, the value will be calculated using values captured in the current month satisfying the date 09-04-2019. The current month will be the 4th Month as specified in the Calendar.

Variance(%) and Absolute Variance 


  • The Baseline value is specified on the edit screen, also note it is displayed in conjunction with the Baseline Start Date as a result if the Start Date is in the future the baseline value will not be displayed.

Latest Value and Latest Value Date

  • This is the latest Actual uploaded for the KPI, with the date when it was uploaded.

This Week.

  • This is the current week's value in relation to the specified date highlighted Red above which is 7 days from 09-04-2019 i.e. (03- 04 - 2019 to 09 - 04 -2019).

This Month

  • This is the month to date(MTD) value in relation to the specified date highlighted Red above (Start of the month as specified in the Calendar to the report date Highlighted Red above (01-04-2019 to 09-04-2019)).

Three Month Average.

  • This is the value calculated using the previous three Months excluding the current Month(Month used to generate the chart)

This Year.

  • This is the YTD (Year to Date value) for the KPI, calculated using the Financial Year Start Date is specified as a Site Setting. (Administration -> Settings) and the Report Date highlighted Red above (01-01-2019 to 09-04-2019).