The system is designed with the ability to import with an update, this means when you import a record and you have specified a unique identifier it will be used to identify and update the respective record.

You can get the system's Import templates by clicking on Imports/Exports then click on templates, the excel file contains a Rules and Samples sheet that details what is required for your import to be successful.

Click on the relevant section e.g Imports, Exports or Scheduled Exports then Click on the + Add button to perform the required task. 

The different sheets contained on the downloaded excel.

The system follows the steps below when processing records specified on the import excel sheet.

  1.  The system will read the data specified in the import file sequentially.  as a result, should there be a record with the same unique identify the last record will take precedence|

  2.  The system will read the record and try to determine if there's a unique identifier specified then proceed to do the following.
    1. If there's a unique identifier specified, the system will do one of the following.
      1. The system will try and retrieve the record linked to the unique identifier specified If a record exists it will be updated with the data contained on the import file.

      2. If there's no record in the system linked to the unique identifier the system will create a new record and link it to the specified unique identifier.

    2.  If there's no unique identifier specified or the identifier is set as "NEW", the system will then try to generate a new unique identifier using the specified linked sequencing to the import type. Note this does not apply for records that do not have a unique identifier that was either manually specified or generated by the system.
      1. It is going to try to generate a unique identifier using the assigned sequence from the lowest to the highest level. i.e. Team > Sub Department > Department.

      2. Should the above fail to generate a Code(unique Identifier), the system will then try to use the Global sequence assigned in the Sequence Assignments this is located on Administration > Sequence Assignments.

      3. If all the steps above fail, the record will be given an Error Code.