To add a KPI, click on the +Add button on the KPI list.

Capture all the relevant information in the KPI configure screen as required.

The KPI trend is calculated based on the Baseline and Default Target values. If the Baseline is lower than the Target, the KPI will be on track if the Actual is equal to or higher than the Target. If the Baseline is higher than the Target, the KPI will be on track if the Actual is equal to or lower than the Target. You can only manually capture a KPI Trend when the default baseline or default target is not specified otherwise it will be automatically calculated.

Update January 2021

Being able to set the KPI Trend explicitly has been re-introduced to PIPware. If either of the Baseline or Default Target is not captured or the values are equal, the user can select the desired Trend for the KPI. If both values are captured, the trend is calculated and cannot be changed.

If no targets have been captured, the Default Target will be used; the default target will result in the captured target line being displayed as a continuous line.

Select the applicable calculation method. Each of these provides a summarized overview with a graph representation of each.

Settings, Calculation preferences and Access permissions are captured by expanding the relevant section.

Remember to click Save at the top right to avoid changes being lost.