Navigating between RAR series is done from the RAR cascade menu. This is where you will see the list of your RARs, the RARs you review and create a new RAR series.

RAR Cascade - Navigate between RAR series by selecting the appropriate Reviewer or Revieweee.
RAR Instance - Navigate between different instances (or Dates) by clicking on the date and selecting a RAR instance from the drop down - see the image below.
Sections -  Navigation between sections can be done by selecting the appropriate section tab or scrolling down in the browser.
DelegationsAnyone who has delegated their responsibilities to you (logged-in user) will show here. As an active delegate you will be able to manage these RARs while the delegator(s) are away.

A Reviewee may have multiple RAR's series, each with their own defined frequency and Reviewer

*Reviewers can be delegated for a RAR instance within a series. The delegate will only apply to the current RAR and the reviewer of the overall series will remain intact. In the image above, you can see the RAR dated 14/09/2020 was delegated to a user with the initials MM.

Configuring RAR's

The configuration menu can be access from the ellipses in the top right corner

Configure Current RAR - allows changes to be made to the current RAR instance only - including delegation, report date, RAR area and review date
Configure RAR Series - set up a series of RARs by configuring reviewer, start date, frequency etc. Any change here will affect only the RARs that are created after the changes have been saved.
Skip Current RAR - allows a reviewee to skip a RAR for the current period. This will automatically create the next RAR if the series end date has not been reached.  When a RAR is skipped, the overall compliance is not affected by this.*
Reopen Previous RAR - this will reopen the previous RAR in the current series, the current RAR will be discarded along with the information captured.
Import from RAR - allows importig of items from a Reviewee's RAR into the current RAR.

*Skipping a RAR cannot be undone

For more info on RAR's and how they are used, refer to RAR Overview