The below is a list of features available in RARs.


A RAR series is the series of RARs that would occur with a specific configuration and reviewer. The RAR instance is the individual RAR within the RAR series.

Configure RAR series

Set up a series of RARs by configuring reviewer, start date, frequency etc. Any change here will affect only the RARs that are created after the changes have been saved.

Configure Current RAR instance

This is where changes just for the current RAR instance can be made including the ability to delegate the reviewer, change the report Date, add an area, and change the review date.

Multiple RARs

  • Ability to have different RARs with different reviewers; each series configured does not affect other RAR series.
  • A RAR series is a RAR set up for a defined period; a reviewee can have multiple RAR series.
  • The frequency of each RAR series is set when creating the new series; this can be either weekly or fortnightly (two weeks).

RAR delegation

Reviewers can be delegated for a RAR instance within a series. The delegate will only apply to the current RAR and the reviewer of the overall series will remain intact.

In the image above, you can see the RAR dated 14/09/2020 was delegated to a user with the initials MM.


Navigating between RAR series can be done from the RAR cascade menu. This is where you will see the list of your RARs, the RARs you review and create a new RAR series.

Click on the date (top right) to navigate between the RARs in the series. The selection below shows the RAR status, date, and if delegated it will show the delegate's initials.

To navigate between the active sections of the RAR instance, the user has the option to either continue scrolling down the page or selecting the desired section.


These are the people you(logged-in user) RAR with.


These are your reviewees the people who have you(logged-in user) as their Reviewer. It is important to note that only RAR Administrators are permitted to make changes to their Reviewees RARs.


These are people who have delegated their responsibilities to you(logged-in user). As an active delegate you will be able to manage these RARs while the delegator(s) are away. 


This will close a RAR series. Once a RAR is archived, it will no longer appear within the RAR cascade menu. The RARs created prior to the series getting archived will still be traced under the RAR compliance report.

This action cannot be undone.

Reopen a previous RAR

This will reopen the previous RAR in the current series, the current RAR will be discarded along with the information captured.

Automatic next RAR instance

The next RAR instance will automatically be created based on the RAR configuration; this will happen when the RAR is marked as Complete or Skipped. Once the end of the RAR series has been reached, new instances will no longer be created.

Skip RAR

This option allows a reviewee to skip a RAR for the current period. This will automatically create the next RAR if the series end date has not been reached.

When a RAR is skipped, the overall compliance is not affected by this.

This action cannot be undone.

Distribute RAR

To distribute the RAR pack, two options are provided. Both options available at the top, next to the three-dot menu.

Either Download the RAR or share it via Email directly through PIPware.

Import from RAR

This will reopen a screen where you will be able to import items from a Reviewee RAR into your current RAR.