The Header of each RAR contains the following:

  1. The current reviewer of the RAR.
  2. Each of the RAR sections that have been enabled in the RAR series. You can either scroll on the page through each of the sections, alternatively, you can click to jump directly to the section.
  3. The following options are available for the RAR
    • Complete will mark the RAR instance as completed. Once this has been done, a new RAR will be created automatically if the RAR series has not reached the end date.
    • Download the RAR pack
    • Email the RAR pack to the selected recipients
    • Audit
  4. A list of all the RARs in this series, limited by the number of months in the RAR series configuration
  5. RAR menu allowing the user to:
    • Configure the RAR instance
    • Configure the RAR series
    • Skip the current RAR
    • Reopen the Previous RAR
    • Import from RAR


This section is categorized by the Overview items as set up within Admin>Overview ItemsEach of the categories appears within this section and is not compulsory to be completed.


To add an item, type in the “+ Add” area and to delete, clear the text. Reorder items by dragging them up/down to the desired location.


KPIs can be added by clicking on the “Add” button. Switching on ‘Configure’ allows you to delete and reorder KPIs.

Each KPI widget shows the owner when it was last updated as well as actual, target and variance values.


Ideas can be added by clicking on the “Add” button. Switching on ‘Configure’ allows you to delete and reorder Ideas.

Each Idea on the widget shows the code, name, owner, stage and status.


Add resources by selecting from the list of available people. For the current RAR, the resource availability can be indicated using a status colour; expected resource allocation can be forecasted for subsequent occurrences of this RAR.

To add a comment, click on the speech bubble at the end of the row.


Within the reports section, PIPware and PowerBI reports can be added and configured for the RAR. Attachments can also be added for the RAR within this section.



Actions are split into Last Actions and Next Actions. By using the filter at the top of each segment, the actions list can be filtered by source i.e. Ideas, Meetings etc.

Next to the action number, the source is also shown as an icon, hover over each icon to view or click the icon to navigate to the source.

Last Actions

The When column shows the due date of the action; the background colour makes it easier to identify the status of the action:

  • Blue - outstanding, not yet overdue.
  • Red - overdue.
  • Green - completed.

Click the speech bubble on the action to add comments. Marking an action as complete can be achieved by checking the box at the end of the action row.

When an action is completed, it is removed from the Next Actions list and shown as Completed in green.

Last Actions cannot be edited/revised. This can only be done in the "Next Actions" section.

Next Actions

To edit an action, click the name of the action in the What column. If a tooltip appears next to the date in the when column, this means the action due date has been revised, hover over the "i" to see the original due date of the action. 

The Area column can either be a free-text value, or you can select an overview item if it is configured to be added to an action (This is done in Admin>Overview Type).

To unlink an action, click the delete icon at the end of the action row. The confirmation also gives the option to permanently delete the action.


The review section contains the question set up in Admin>RAR Quality Questions. If visible, this section is must be completed before a RAR can be marked as completed.

Note: Changes made in a RAR are saved automatically.