The KPIs section shows a list of KPIs linked to the RAR as well as their current status.

To arrange the list. Click on Configure, you will then be able to update the order of the KPIs.

Add a KPI: 

  • Click on the Add button to add additional KPIs to this RAR.

Unlink KPI:

  • Click on the Trash icon to unlink a KPI from the RAR. 

View a KPI: 

  • Click on an existing KPI in the grid to see its supporting chart. You can navigate all the KPI Charts using the PREVIOUS KPI and NEXT KPI buttons.

Please note the KPI Chart performance data is calculated based on the RAR Report Date, should you need to verify the performance data with the one displayed on the KPI itself. please ensure the dates are the same. That is the Report Date and the Date on the KPI Chart.