Note depending on the selected KPI Measurement Type the day/date on which a KPI value was uploaded plays a major role when the values are calculated by the system.

i.e. For a KPI with Cumulative MTD Total values, the system will try to extrapolate the value for the whole month, it will try and get the latest value together with it upload date for that particular month, suppose the latest value is 10 which was uploaded on the 25th of March. The system does this calculation 10/25 = 0.4. to determine a daily value for March

This means the vale for the whole month will be. 0.4*31 = 12.4.

To resolve this issue, you will need to modify the date of the last value for the Month to the End of the Month, in reference to the above the last value 10 will now have an upload date of 31 March.

The calculation will still be the same. The daily value for March will now be 10/31 = 0.3225... Meaning the actual monthly value will be 0.3225... * 31 = 10.