Should a user fail to set themselves as unavailable for a specified period when they are unable to complete a RAR (eg, annual or sick leave), the RAR will be marked as incomplete and negatively impact the RAR compliance.


As the site administrator it is possible to mark an individual as unavailable should they fail to do so themselves.


Step 1: Navigate to “Administration” in the left-hand menu.




Step 2: Click on the icon “User Unavailability” under the “General” section. This is a permission setting on the role that requires to be enabled



Step 3: Select the user who you would like to make unavailable from the drop-down menu and then click “Add”.




Step 4: Specify the period of unavailability as well as the reason and click “Save” once completed.



The RAR compliance report will now show the dates where the individual was unavailable as blank, no longer negatively impacting the RAR compliance score.